Ukulele Fans Of Oregon

The Ukulele Fans of Oregon - or the UFOs - are a group of ukulele enthusiasts of all ability levels whose purpose is to have fun with music. Located in Salem, Oregon, we meet on the third Sunday of every month from 1:30 to 4:00 at the Holiday Inn Salem at 3301 Market St NE, Salem, OR 97301. Folks new to the ukulele are welcome to come at 1:30 for a short lesson. Follow us on Facebook for monthly song lists and other information about each month's meeting. All you need is an ukulele.  For more information  on times and upcoming events click on the Events link above.   


Happy New Year Ukulele Fans of Oregon,

The Holiday Inn of Salem has chosen not to honor their contract with us for meeting space.  Our last gathering there was last month, December 2018.  The new manager decided to not live up to the agreement we have in writing and signed by the former manager, he also got rid of the management team that had enthusiastically welcomed us.  For those of you who would like to let the corporate office know of your displeasure I will be sending out contact information soon.
We will be taking the month of January off.

In the meantime I am searching for our new home.  If you think of some place that might work, please make sure it fits our needs before you send me the name, location and contact information.  Here's what we need for a good fit:                              1.  Must be open on Sunday from noon to 5 

  2.  Must have plenty of parking spaces.  We require approximately 60 spaces each month.                                                  3.  Must be accessible for those with mobility issues.       

4.  Must have working and clean restrooms.            

5.  Must be family friendly.                                                      

6.  Heating and cooling would be appreciated.
Once you've determined the location has what we need, send me the name, address and any phone numbers.  I'll take it from there.  I've already met with a couple of locations that might work in a pinch.
To keep your ukulele fingers nimble and your ukulele heart a flutter here's a song list for January 2019.  So gather together in groups large and small to strum and sing a song for Ukulele Fans of Oregon.  If you'd like, take a picture of your January strum fest and send it to our website
Song List - from the Daily Ukulele (yellow cover)
Feelin' Groovey   pg 97
On The Road Again   pg 182
Wake Up Little Susie  pg 253
Ring Of Fire  pg 197
Hey Good Lookin'   pg 108
This Little Light Of Mine   pg 235
26 Miles   pg 233
I'll be sending out updates as soon as the information is available. If you have any comments or questions, or you just want to keep in touch, please contact UFOs at