Ukulele Fans of Oregon
dedicated to having fun
invite you to toss on your lei,
 grab your grass skirt,                            and celebrate the land of ukulele
June 17, 2018
Salem Public Library
 585 Liberty St, SE
1:30 - 2   Lesson for new players: chords C, F, G7, and a standard strum.               Lesson for not so new players: C scale - what it is and how to use it.
2 - 4       Strumming, singing, and a lot of wicky, wacky, woo!

Song List
It's Good To See You   pdf
Blue Hawaii   pg 37
Lovely Hula Hands   pg 156
Blue Skies   pg 38
The Hawaiian Turnaround   pg 137 Blue Book
Tiny Bubbles   pg 241
Ukulele Lady   pg 249
Lava   pdf
Hey Good Lookin'   pg 108
Catch A Falling Star   pg 67 Blue Book
Hukilau Song   pg 115
Hawaii Ponoi (Hawaii National Anthem)   pg 103
Pearly Shells   pdf
Blue Moon   pdf
Surfin' USA   pg 223
The Magic Island   pg 233 Blue Book
White Sandy Beach   pg 387
It Had To Be Uke   pdf  (to the tune of It Had To Be You)
Aloha 'Oe/Happy Trails   pdf
Check out the YouTube links for help with the song above it.  They're fun and entertaining too!
Please bring your music stand, Daily Ukulele music books (yellow & blue cover), copies of the pdfs and your Aloha spirit.
Questions, comments, and happy thoughts?  Email us at, check us out at,
and be our BFFs on FaceBook.

Ukulele Fans of Oregon
     dedicated to having fun

Salem Public Library
1:30 - 2  Lesson for beginners
2 - 4   Strumming, singing, and tons of fun. 

Ukulele Fans Of Oregon

The Ukulele Fans of Oregon - or the UFOs - are a group of ukulele enthusiasts of all ability levels whose purpose is to have fun with music. Located in Salem, Oregon, we meet on the third Sunday of every month from 1:30 to 4:00 in the Anderson Rooms at the Salem Public Library. Folks new to the ukulele are welcome to come at 1:30 for a short lesson. Follow us on Facebook for monthly song lists and other information about each month's meeting. All you need is an ukulele.  For more information  on times and upcoming events click on the Events link above.   


Upcoming events for 2018

UFO monthly gatherings are on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

July 15, August 19, September 16, October 21,

November 18, December 16

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel  -  September 19th

Peter Luongo Ukulele Experience - October 6th & 7th